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The CARES Act of 2020
is making it easier
to help struggling non-profits at this time.

Limitations on charitable giving in 2020 have been altered to encourage individuals
and corporations to make cash contributions to qualified charities,
potentially helping both donor and recipient.

Please consider taking advantage of the 2020 incentives
with a donation to Cambridge Neighbors.

For Individuals:
Individuals who takes the standard deduction
will be able to make

up to a $300.00 donation
to a qualified charity.

The CARES Act adds a new “above the line” deduction
that allows an individual, who does not itemize, to deduct up to $300 of cash contributions*

in addition to taking the standard deduction.


For those who do itemize,
the deduction for cash contributions* to a qualified charitable organization in 2020

is increased to 100% (up from 60%)
of the individual’s adjusted gross income.


For Corporations:
The CARES Act increases the limitations in 2020 for corporate deductions of cash contributions
* to qualified charities to
25% of their taxable income.

(up from 10%)

*Cash contributions must be made to a charity, and can not be made to a donor advised fund or private foundation.


A contribution to Cambridge Neighbors makes a significant difference in our ability to offer critical support services that help our older neighbors safely navigate the pandemic.
You will help us provide members with a range of practical supports like grocery shopping, errands, and periodic check-in calls, as well as the means to stay socially connected to others in their community through a variety of Zoom programming.

Your gift will provide them with what’s more important than ever – the overall sense of reassurance that they are not alone and that a “friend” is just a phone call away.

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