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It Takes A Village

Cambridge Neighbors is a leader in the national Village movement. As a nonprofit, membership organization, we provide a range of practical services, social
opportunities, and resources to enhance quality of life and well being throughout
the aging process. Our goal is to help members remain connected to and valued
in our communities.

"Cambridge Neighbors is a diverse group of interesting people
who bring a great deal to every gathering. I've been particularly
grateful for the help of volunteer drivers who have taken me to
doctors' appointments and food shopping in particular. I've been enjoying some small groups as well, in particular the crossword
club,a book group, and the stretch class at the gym."
Sue Fisher Seeger, Member

     Are you...

     About to retire?  
     Wondering what's next?
     Concerned about changing needs?
     Looking to meet new people with shared interests?

     Come and learn how Cambridge Neighbors can meet your needs!
     We welcome you to visit our office or schedule an appointment to meet at   

     your home.

     Contact us at or at 617-864-1715.

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Cambridge Neighbors | 545 Concord Avenue, Suite 104 | Cambridge, MA 02138
617-864-1715 | |